Statute of Limitations for Missouri Personal Injury Law

Missouri law resembles that of many other states in the fact that there is a statute of limitations that restricts the amount of time an individual has to file a court case after being affected by a personal injury such as car accidents, defective drugs, medical malpractice, and birth injuries. The time limit to present a civil court with a personal injury case is strictly five years. It is critical to file your case within the statute of limitations, or you will not have the opportunity to present your claim to court. It is common for states within the United States to impose a statute of limitations law for filing a civil suit. Each state’s statute of limitations varies, however, the time restriction in the state of Missouri is bound to five years. These time limits are intended to guarantee proficiency within the court system, and deter a plaintiff from initiating a frivolous claim. Five years may seem like an extended amount of time to some, and they may choose to wait to file their personal injury claim. However, this isn’t the best strategy. Supporting evidence is easiest to obtain directly after an accident, and this proof is remarkably important to strengthen your case. Your personal injury attorney will need time to collect information from law enforcement, medical providers, witnesses, and insurance companies to advocate for your right to compensation. If you wait until the end of the statutory limits for your case, the accumulation of data could prove to be a heavy burden for your injury attorney. The personal injury experts at Kell Law Firm encourage those who have suffered an injury at the fault of a negligent party to file as quickly as possible to remain within the strict statute of limitations. Kell Law’s representatives understand that it can be difficult to get around after a devastating accident. For this reason, if you cannot come to us, we will gladly come to you. For more information about the statute of limitations and personal injury claims, call the professionals at Kell Law Firm!